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Acceptance of new appointments is subject to the absence of any conflict of interests or inconsistency.

In the event of conflicting appointments for the same legal issue from different insurers, the Firm applies a “first come, first served” principle.

A professional attorney is designated to each new assignment, who will be responsible for the defence and will organize the work, potentially sharing it with his team.

Should this Lawyer not be a Partner, then he/she will work under the supervision of a Partner.

Prior to starting the work, an administrative file is opened for each client, who receives complete and exhaustive information about the treatment of his/her personal data, in accordance with relevant Laws and Regulation.

All computer programmes/applications and paper files are kept and organized to ensure that the personal data is used for the sole purpose of carrying out the activities necessary to fulfil the client’s mandate.

Studio Legale Giorgetti keeps complete and accurate documentation on file of each transaction and activity carried out and issues a pro-forma invoice, following the guidelines agreed with the client. Once the relevant payment is made, the accounting department of the Firm will issue a regular fiscal invoice, duly signed for receipt and settlement.

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