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Avv. Roberto L. Giorgetti


Via Fontana, 28 - 20122 Milano

Tel: (+39) /

Fax: (+39)

Roberto L. Giorgetti was born on July 31, 1935 in Milan, where he works and lives with his wife.

In 1964 he graduated in Civil Law at the State University of Milan and three years later he was admitted to the Bar Association of Milan.

Since 1978 he has been enrolled in the Special Bar for the Superior Courts (Court of Cassation, Audit Office and Constitutional Court).

Some of the Employers’ Liability cases that he defended before the Constitutional Court represent historical precedents, which changed the Law.

Besides his specialization in Employers’ Liability insurance, he is considered among the best lawyers for insurance law concerning property, professional indemnity and products liability.

He is also an expert on J.B.P. (Jewellers Block Policies) and F.B.P. (Fourier Block Policies).

His legal advice is often requested by insurance companies for the revision of policy wordings.

He is fluent and able to work in French. 

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