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Studio Legale Giorgetti is located in Milan, main centre for legal assistance and advice to Italian and international finance.

From its offices the firm manages and defends, through its network of solicitors, disputes and trials around Italy and abroad.

Areas of focus

Our Lawyers and Practitioners join our firm after receiving the highest level of technical training and education, to ensure they acquire the skills, professionalism and specialization that are the cornerstones of our activity. 

Moreover, they can count on the support of a secretarial staff able to assist the most demanding customers and on the most advanced framework to deal with the toughest legal issues, even when they originate from different legal systems.

In order to maintain the high standards of quality and expertise that have made our firm well-known, our team actively participate in the Consumer Litigation, Insurance, Litigation, Negligence & Damages committees, the European Regional Forum of the International Bar Association committees, and the Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Insurance & Reinsurance and international Committees of the international Association of Defence Counsel, as well as the Defence Research Institute (DRI).

Our Team


Our philosophy is simple: we accept to defend a lawsuit in order to win it.

We firmly believe a Courtroom is an arena to face with experience, preparation and determination.

This is the reason why our team of professionals is committed to protect the interest of our customers, by carefully developing well prepared strategies, through continuous in-depth analysis and updating work.

Despite our specialization in litigation, we recognise negotiation is a valuable tool to be seriously considered, whenever it presents objective and practical advantages over litigation.

In fact, if an amicable solution offered a better result, or even just a cheaper alternative to the continuation of the lawsuit, it would be pursued with the same dedication and determination as a dispute in court would be.

Based on our experience in the management of the toughest legal issues and disasters, we believe the handling of critical events requires, as well as strong technical and legal expertise, also the ability to manage and control their consequences in the media. 

As a matter of fact, we firmly believe in the strategy of prevention and efficacy of an appropriate management of the relationship with the press and supervisory bodies, as well as consumer organizations, shareholders and anyone able to positively influence the outcome of the trial.


Globalization provides tremendous opportunities to the insurance and reinsurance industry players, crossing national boundaries. This fact increasingly move away relationships and legal interactions between legal entities from the countries and jurisdictions they are located in  producing an exponential increase of international disputes and litigation.


In such a context, Studio Legale Giorgetti offers its customers a service of the highest quality, being a founding member of Insuralex VZW: a worldwide network of independent law firms highly specialized in insurance and reinsurance law and experts in dealing with any risk management issues. Insuralex VZW is, as to date, the only network dedicated to insurance recognized and listed within Chambers.


As a member of Insuralex, Studio Legale Giorgetti offers insurance companies, reinsurers, captives and self-Assureds, risk-management companies, brokers and loss adjusters, the highest quality of legal advice and services about any insurance issues, including Products Liability, D&O, E&O and other Professional Indemnities, non-wet Marine, Crime, Property, Pollution, CAR, EAR and Engineering Risks, Life, Personal Accidents, Health, etc.


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